Dare Me 4 Charity

Join us on July 12, 2014 as we take our passion to new heights for Childhelp!


A new reality tv show called Dare Me For Charity is coming to Phoenix and 41 other Cities this year to see what people are willing to do to help their favorite causes at a chance to win 1 million dollars.  We would love to have anyone 10 years of age and over join our team.  Click the link to buy a ticket for $15 which entitles the purchaser to three jumps, or the jumps can be assigned to another person after the purchase is complete.  The team with the greatest total combined distance wins.  There are also many chances to win cash prizes for the charities during the event with on the spot challenges, so we need your help on this chance for our team to win money to pay for prevention education programs in public schools this fall.

Visit the Team Page to buy a ticket for our team or to join the team.  We need 20 people to pay $15 each to put us in the lead for Phoenix, so please share this and help us do something amazing to prevent child abuse!

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